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As of January, 2009 our general capacities are as follows:

  • LCD panels – monochrome – 1M pcs per month
  • LCD modules – monochrome – 3Mpcs per month
  • COG, COB, TAB, SMT – 3Mpcs per month
  • OLED – 1M pcs per month
  • TFT panels – 1M pcs per month
  • TFT modules – 3M pcs per month
  • Touch panels – 3M pcs per month
  • PCBs – single sided to 16 layer – 3M pcs per month
  • PCB Assemblies – 3M pcs per month
  • Plastic injection moulded parts – 4Mpcs per month
  • Turnkey – OEM/ODM projects – 1M pcs per month
Logic Technologies is currently planning a new manufacturing facility, which is due to open in Q2 2010. This will increase the overall capacities of plastic injection moulding parts, PCBAs, and OEM turnkey projects, as well as added test equipment to support the OEM business.