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Logic Technologies recognises that compliance with Intellectual Property right laws and international agreements are of vital importance to our clients. Protecting the Intellectual Property of our clients is subsequently of critical importance to the success of our business. We therefore implement stringent control and procedures to ensure proper IP protection on a per project and client basis.

Training our people
A core value of Logic’s company culture is Integrity, which includes the respect of clients and their property. We train our people in the importance of respecting intellectual property rights, and the practice of this respect. Respect of others is fundamental to the Chinese culture, and by leveraging this underlying trait and focusing on the importance of IP protection we are able to provide our clients with the necessary protection they require.

Employee confidentiality agreements
As part of his or her employment contract, every Logic employee signs an appropriate confidentiality agreement. Breeching such a contract will have serious personal ramifications in China, as enforcement of property right laws has become a primary concern of the government.

Confidentiality procedures

Logic implements procedures and electronic barriers protecting clients’ intellectual properties. Information is always provided on a need to know basis, and access to information is controlled and protected by physical and electronic means.

Logic strives to minimize paper based documentation storage. In general we do not store customer documents in paper form. However, means and procedures for protecting printed-paper information is maintained both on a project and individual employee basis.

Electronic information is protected by access rights issued to individual employees and project members. In general employees are only given access to information files required for assigned tasks.

Client confidentiality agreements
To assure clients that we have a serious commitment to protecting intellectual property rights, Logic routinely signs non-disclosure agreements when in the process of establishing a new business relationship. Standard intellectual property rights clauses are included as a norm in contractual agreements with our clients.