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Embedded Computing

Increase your value proposition and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with our all-in-one DLOGIC Evaluation and Development Kits.

  • Quick-start application development
  • Short-cut the development cycle
  • Reduce development risk
  • Easy integration
  • Fast-track to mass production
  • 7-year supply guarantee

Customer Applications

Many DLOGIC customer applications start their life with customers buying a standard Developer Kit and becoming familiar with the various functions and some initial application development.

The product may then require specific mechanical, electrical or software changes to suit the application. We at DLOGIC then work directly with each customer to enhance and complete the product design.

Developer Kits

The main support and development tools provided for use in DLOGIC Touch Display Computers are provided as a bundled package of hardware and software development tools and support services.

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TFT Displays

Logic Technologies TFT Display division designs, develops and manufactures it’s own World Class TFT displays in it’s China subsidiary manufacturing facilities. We also use our own products in the DLOGIC Touch Display Computers with 7-year supply guarantee.

Touch Displays

Our Projected Capacitive Touch panels provide a fast, risk-free path to bringing the consumer ‘look and feel’ to industrial, appliance, medical and broadcast industry applications.