Electronics & Engineering Services

Logic Technologies’ team of engineering experts offers customers flexible cooperation agreements for almost any size of project.

We perform all the steps required to take a product from the concept stage to a finalized reliable, high-quality, producible product that meets your specification. Our development services encompass all parts of a product; from software and electronics engineering to mechanics. Projects can be a complex, complete turnkey product including encompassing all the engineering disciplines or, engineering of simple parts and components.

Services are fully customised and can be based on customer-defined process models, development techniques and tools, or on our in-house quality assurance procedures, development processes and work methods. Every project can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our emphasis on technical excellence and professional project execution ensures the delivery of high quality results.

Feasibility study, design analysis & project planning

Product software design & development

Rapid prototype development

3D CAD modeling for product visualisation

Tooling design, development, supervision & management

Dedicated design personnel

Circuit design and layout

Testing software for product manufacturing

Software optimisation

Precision parts drawing & documentation

Custom packaging design

Electronics Sub-assemblies


Logic Technologies’ specialist software engineering department develops embedded software for electronics devices as well as pure standalone software solutions. Our services cover the main software development technologies prevalent in the market today. We provide software development services within a set of core technology areas including:

Embedded Software

For electronic devices, appliances and smart phones

C/C++/ObjectiveC, Eiffel, Java/JME, MS.NET/CF

User interfaces in Qt, MiniGUI & other librariesDevice drivers, protocols, media streaming etc.

Embedded database technologies

Linux, OS X, Windows Mobile, Android

Web Applications


We cover a wide range of technologies:

    Display solutions from simple TN LCD glass, to character LCMs to advanced high resolution TFT colour graphics

    From low to high-end microcontroller/microprocessor/DSP based embedded solutions

    Communications solutions (wireless and wireline)

    Data acquisition and control solutions (sensor and actuator interfaces, measurement and control logic)

    ID solutions, security and cryptography (RFID, Smartcard, bar coding)

    Power solutions (AC/DC, DC/DC, battery, battery chargers)

    Component sourcing

    Intelligent sensors, actuators, switches. Programmable circuits based on FPGAs and ASIC designs

    Our electronics engineering process encompasses concept development, board design and layout, prototyping and testing, manufacturing, test, tooling development and firmware programming.


    Logic Technologies’ mechanical engineering competence encompasses working with different materials to integrate electronics in a complete product solution. We are well versed in working with different plastic and metal materials to develop the necessary engineering drawings required for manufacturing. We also provide tooling services for plastic injection moulding and metal parts production.

    Our mechanical engineering services includes:

    CAD modeling and drawings in SolidWorks or ProEngineer

    Parts- and product prototyping and assembly

    SLA/SLS, soft injection molding, laser scanning, vacuum forming

    Urethane casting using Silicon tools, Brass and Aluminum sand castings

    Parts tooling

    Metal spinning

    Component sourcing

    Manufacturing management


    Industrial and Appliances

    Electronic, mechanical and software for solutions for:

    Dedicated and integrated passive and active display solutions

    Home and office appliances

    Networking equipment (routers & switches)

    Phones (GSM, VoIP/SIP)

    Access control systems (building access and car parking)

    RFID solutions

    Telecoms and Networking

    We have extensive experience working with networking solutions and support systems for communications service providers.

    Mobile and fixed networking equipment

    Mobile and fixed networking equipment

    VoIP communications

    Intelligent services and applications