Thermoplastics Technologies & Injection Moulding

Our materials science and engineering team is backed by a full equipped thermoplastics manufacturing facility with an extensive in-house plastic tooling workshop, 30+ fully equipped German Battenfeld injection molding machines.

With such a broad range of in-house plastic technology resources we offer single injection, double-injection (bi-injection), rubber/silicon over-molding, metal insert molding and in-mold labelling.

Other in-house capabilities include working with glass fibre, carbon fibre, printing & painting, colour batching.

Mould Flow Analysis

Tool Design & Tool Shop

30+ Injection Mould Machines

Home Automation Products

Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems Leak-proof carriers

Household and commercial security door locks

Hot Water Tanks

Water Supply Switching Valves

Gas Water Heater Valves

Solar Water Heating Systems