Quality & IP

Our company culture is built on the firm belief that quality leads to higher productivity. We strive for quality in every undertaking. Our dedication and commitment combined with our work methods and tools are the basis for achieving quality. Our work processes are based on practical proven techniques or best practices.

We have implemented world class engineering and manufacturing processes. Our products are certified by third party laboratories and carry many standard certifications.

We recognise that compliance with Intellectual Property right laws and international agreements are of vital importance to our clients. Protecting the Intellectual Property of our clients is subsequently of critical importance to the success of our business. We therefore implement stringent control and procedures to ensure proper IP protection on a per project and client basis.


  • Life testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Thermal shock
  • Humidity testing
  • Salt vapor spraying
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Fire-Retardation
  • Mechanical Testing

Analysis Tools

Environmental Testing