Clearbond® Optical Bonding

DLOGIC models are available with our proprietary ClearBond® optical bonding technology.

This removes any unwanted reflection of light between the display and touch sensor while ensuring there is no
possibility for dust and dirt to get in between the cover lens, touch sensor and TFT display surfaces.

This is particularly important for equipment designed for outdoor use to avoid reflection from direct sunlight as
well as protecting from dirt, dust, moisture, shock and vibration.



Improves viewability in all conditions


Increases ruggedness


Improves resistance to shock, impact & vibration


Resistant to dust, dirt and moisture

Largest size currently in production utilsing our ClearBond™ optical bonding technology

Application : Outdoor Vending
Product series : DL-DM4900-HDMI-SGF

  • 49.0” 1920 x 1080 IPS TFT, Optical Bonded
  • High-brightness backlight, 700cd/m2
  • 8mm thick, physically hardened safety glass
  • Capacitive Touch USB
    Interfaces :
  • Display Port to
  • LVDS 2-ch
  • Backlight control
  • Customised mechanical housing